I Missed Random Tuesday Thoughts Yesterday, So I'm Doing it Today!

For no valid reason, really...Just busy doing nothing...Anyway, these are my thoughts:

1.  Storms in the midwest -- CRAZY! Dramatic roaring thunder and lightning crashes...they're here, and boy, do they scare!?

2.  My vegetable garden is growing fast.  I'm relieved, because our investment for this flat raised bed was way too high than what we are expecting to harvest.  It's a good start though.  At least next year, we won't need to buy soil and borders again. 

So far, these are our harvests:-)...scallion, beans, pathetic blueberries, and basil.  It's a nice start.

3.  We went to Jojo Oriental Store at Cedar Rapids last week.  I almost forgot how delicious pancit (Filipino version of chow mein) can be with halo halo!  Halo halo is a Filipino dessert which is a mixture of sweetened fruits, beans, yam, and leche flan topped with shaved ice and evaporated milk...It's really yummy!
4.  We are looking forward to the visit of my sister in law and her son at the last week of July. We are planning to go to Chicago and Nebraska for the two weekends they are here.  Summer is indeed fun!

5.  We are enjoying the pool at the recreation center.  At first we were a bit shocked, two weeks ago, when we first checked it out, it was full packed! So many people were using the pool here.  We certainly missed the Hawaii beaches and the sand -- free and wide! But the second time that we went there, it was  not really bad at all.  There are a lot of lifeguards, the pool and slides are safe for kids, and since it's a small town, we met a lot of kids my son knew from baseball and school.  It's fun!  Really, it's the people who make the place beautiful to live in. 
Love this kid!
6.  This summer we started going to the library almost everyday.  We borrow books and dvds.  I introduced the film, Sound of Music to my son.  He's not really into music, but I'm glad he appreciated the songs and the story.  We also borrowed the dvd, "I am Number Four".  I haven't a clue about this film before.  Except for some attempt to make it grossly appealing to teenagers, I've no complaints.  I'm sure the book is even better than the film...Can't wait to read it!
Starring Alex Pettyfer.

7.  Laundry ---when can they fold themselves?

That's all for RTTs! xoxo:-)

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