MAC Morange Amplified Lipstick

I had been searching high and low for the perfect orange lipstick. MAC Morange was always an option and actually my peg swatch for the orange. Although, I was really trying hard to find a cheaper alternative with the same color vibrancy as Morange gave. But to no avail, I couldn;t find any, and I couldn't settle for any less. I went by and forgot about the orange lipstick until I went to my favorite MAC store to Back 2 Mac some items. When Maike assisted me, she told me of the little options for Back 2 Mac, I happily responded that it was no problem since I wasn't really that choosy. Going through the stash, I saw that there was 1 MAC morange up for grabs. I immediately told Maike that I would get Morange. And finally I have it. :)

Check out that bright orange color! :)

The swatch

From the swatch it doesn't look as bright, but once it is applied on the lips, it really is a perfect orange. :) I really can't wait to execute some looks I am cooking up using orange lipstick for my upcoming shoots! Yayy! Finally :)

Toodles! :)

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