Earth day FOTD

Since we just recently celebrated Earth day, I decided to use my Maybeline quad for this Earth day inspired FOTD. Since I have yet to test this eye shadow quad that the boyfriend gave me, I decided to use it especially because of the bright green and browns inviting me. Green and brown very earthly yes? hehehe All of the eye shadows on the maybeline quad are actually all frosts so I wanted to see how I could pull off the all frost eye shadow look. Since I'm not used to using all frosts this was my challenge hehe. So overall, here's the look.

Here's another pic:

A closer look at my eyes:

How I did the look:
(All eye shadows frosted)
3rd from left green for lids
2nd from left bronze for crease
Rightmost color maroon for outer V
Leftmost color beige for brow highlighter

Overall, I really like how the all frosted colors turned out. I don't know if it's just because of the color combination or it just really isn't that bad. hehe Also, I was pretty amazed at how the shadow looked after a while, I thought it would be really crazy shimmery since if you swatch each shadow you can see pigments of the glitter/shimmers to it, but once you put them on, it's not the scary glittery/shimmer you see from your swatch. :) I would give the Maybeline quad a 4.5 out of 5 just because I'm still not one hundred percent fan of being an all shimmer/frost eye shadow girl. Hehe

Here's one more picture of me and my Earth Day Face tribute. :)

Toodles! :)

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