Sleepy Thursday

Hubby's at work, son's at school..and me? I'm sleepy.

Before you think I'm just one of those stay-at-home-but-lazy mom (which I really am, actually!), I believe I have a good reason to be sleepy on a Thursday morning.

I've been up until 3am last night, finishing the last phase of reading/correcting/validating the grades of the class I had last semester at UPOU.  The university provides continuing education through distance education. The course I'm handling for four years now is Fundamental Concepts  of Chemistry I, an online class for those taking up Diploma in Science Teaching.  That's why even when I moved here in Iowa (in the middle of the sem), I can still facilitate the class.

I'm blessed with a diligent, inquisitive, and wonderful classmates  (I refer to the enrollees as classmates simply because I am also learning with them).  I have 17 classmates last semester, and sadly three of them have not participated all throughout the sem, which narrowed the numbers to 14.  They are mostly high school science teachers, some of them moms like me.  I could just imagine how hard it is for them to manage their schedule.  In the Philippines, handling a public highschool class means a range of 50-65 students in a class (no kidding, some of them even have more!). That's roughly 4 times as big as my 2nd grader's class here. Whew!

Anyways, I'm glad I was able to finish the grades..and can now move to..tadahh...reviewing the Iowa Driver's Manual:-(...I've been putting this off since last week, but I guess I really have to start today and take the exam on Saturday...*yawn*

I'll be back later!

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