Love, Rosie and P.S. I love You by Cecelia Ahern

Love, Rosie:  Written by Cecelia Ahern.
4 thumbs up! Frustratingly funny love story of two best friends:-) Different writing style, where the author used notes, card dedications, phone conversations, and emails, the entire time!

 P.S. I Love You: Written by Cecelia Ahern
A very touching story which emphasized the value of family, friendships, and career when life seems to be at mess.  The reader would be anticipating the letter with surprise gifts/tasks made/composed by Gerry to his wife Holly which was to occur each month for the entire first year (well, almost...10 months to be exact) he was gone.  The letters would always end with a P.S. I love you. The story tells how Holly was able to cope up and move on by the help of her late husband's letters.

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